All Nuclear Reactors Leak All The Time….. What you might have missed if you’re not subscribed to MILLION A WEEK CLUB – Your Radiation This Week

“…Once emitted from the nuclear power plant, the Rad travels with the wind.

Much of it goes around the world and is detected on the West Coast of the United States.

Nuke Power Plants add to the deadly radiation every minute of every day. There are 525,600 total minutes in 2018.

The Rad measured YTD in 2018, so far: 3,546,128,225 cpm. [radiation in Billions of Counts (CPM)]

The Rad measured YTD in 2014 was 3,580,677,687 CPM YTD.

The Total Gamma Rad 2018 Annual Projection is just over 4.122 Billion Gamma Rad for the US.

Dr. John Gofman, Medical Director of the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab famously called that kind of thing “premeditated murder.”

This nuke stuff gets real serious, real quick. It’s a nasty, nasty business.

“This is a Bad situation for all who breathe,” states EU physicist Dr. Paolo Scampa.[5] Now included, for the 44th Week of 2018 just passed, all cities above 44 Million CPM [27] Year to Date [YTD] of deadly Gamma Radiation….”

Bob Nichols – Million A Week Club – YRTW 44 – November 17, 2018


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All Reactors Leak All The Time

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